8th International Congress of

Environmental Research

27-28 July, 2016

Luebeck, Germany



Environmental research, planning and management

» Engineering and Technology (T)

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Energy Systems
Emerging Trends in Waste Management Technologies
Facility Location in Environmental Context
Environmental Supply Chain Management
Bio-informatics and Chemo-Informatics
Information Technology and Environmental Concern
Energy Policies: Global and Environmental Perspective
Energy Efficient Systems
Green Technologies and Sustainable Development
Researches in the field of Environmental, Chemical, Civil & Mechanical engineering

» Physical Sciences (PS)

Waste recycling
Petrochemical and Polymer Science
Water (Surface and underground) pollution, air pollution and vehicular pollution.
Ocean Science, Earth Science and Environmental Science
Marine Science and Industrial-drug science
Toxicology and sustenance of life
Researches in the field of Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

» Life Sciences (LS)

Health and environment
Bio-Technology and Microbiology
Agriculture and Forest Science
Conservation of Biological resources
Researches in the field of Zoology, Botany, Bio-Chemistry and Medical Sciences.

» Social Sciences (SS-I)

Community Participation in environmental protection.
Development Environment
Development Journalism and Role of Media in Environmental protection.
Role of NGOs in the protection of environment
Natural disaster and man made disaster
The human factor of environmental emergencies
War and Environment
Food Nutrition and dietetics in the protection of environment.
Environmental Tourism
Environmental Accounting
Energy Economics
Researches in the field of Sociology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Geography, Commerce, Drawing, Music, Dance, Philosophy, History and Languages concerning with environment.

» Law and Management (SS-II)

Law and Environment
Role of management in Environmental Protection
Biodiversity, mapping and management
Waste management
Management of manmade disasters and natural disasters
The human factor of environmental emergencies
Environmental planning and management
Researches in the field of law and management concerning with environment

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